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On behalf of the Governing Board of the School please note that

we will be closed from 19th March 2020,

until after the Easter holidays (until at least 20 April 2020),

pending further instructions from the government

  • Following updated guidance from the government on 16.3.20, a number of staff are unable to continue working for their own safety, as they fall into the high risk groups who should be "Socially Distancing" themselves.

  • We also have staff who are required to self-isolate themselves and their families for 14 days, as a family member has symptoms of coronavirus.

  • The decision to closed has been based on a risk assessment of whether we can safely open with those staff still able to work.

  • Governors have agreed we cannot safely open.

  • We are sorry for any disruption this may cause you, but we have to close to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of the children, staff, and yourselves. 


Please see the link below to get you to the latest government advice:

NHS Coronavirus Advice


Government update on School Closures

Some schools are being asked to stay open for specific categories of children, including children of keyworkers and vulnerable children

(see link below for who counts as a keyworker).

But if parents can keep their children at home, they should.


Please email if you want advice on this option.


Granville Plus Nursery School cannot offer places at present

due to staff shortages.


Keyworker Categories

Coronavirus Government Advice Animation





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