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Planning the Curriculum

How do I know my child is progressing? 

Record Keeping 

We aim to organise the environment so that all children can be assessed, in whatever they are involved with, and we write down our observations of what all the children are doing. We also take photographs and videos. These observation records, and video recordings, are available for parents to look at whenever they wish. 

Keyworkers ensure that the records are full and up to date, and cover the whole curriculum. 

At least once a year while your child is in each Team in the School you will be invited to a “PLOD” (Possible Lines of Development) meeting. We will share with you a summary of what your child is doing in areas of learning, our observations on their patterns and characteristics of learning, and our ideas for future work. 

We also record what you have observed about your child’s interests and needs, and will incorporate your ideas into our planned activities. 

This “PLOD” assessment feeds into the detailed planning for the following weeks - there will be a strong emphasis on supporting and extending his or her individual learning. We of course continue the observation, support and planning at other times. 

We have leaflets on “Observation & Recordkeeping” and “Planning from Observations” available at the School which explain in greater detail. 

Profile Books are compiled over your child’s time in the School. These are a mix of photos, paintings, drawings, your child’s comments and adult observations. The children are fully involved in creating this record of progress and achievement, as part of our commitment to Listening to Young Children. We encourage you to contribute fully to these books. 

Keyworkers will explain this further. 


To help your child’s development, we plan and evaluate our provision for your child, based on observations and dialogue with you, your child and eachother. 

Staff develop work based on the Possible Lines of Direction (PLODs) for individual children, on observations of other children, and the needs of the whole group. Staff record what they intend children to learn from planned activities. They evaluate the success of these learning intentions, and the learning from spontaneous experiences, at their weekly room meetings. 

We display our plans, so that you can know what your child has available at the School each week. We will always adapt plans however, in response to the children’s needs and enthusiasms. 

We try to understand what is going on for the individual, so that we can plan when and how to move each child on.