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Welcome to our School!

We are passionate about meeting the needs of children as individuals, within a free-flow, play based environment, that deepens and extends your child's learning inside and in our large garden.

We work hard to achieve the following Core Outcomes for children and parents/carers:

  • When children leave us they will be ready to face future challenges; they will be confident learners, independent, creative, enthusiastic, happy, resilient, with high self-esteem, able to communicate to their fullest, and able to form positive relationships.
  • Parents will have a better awareness and understanding of their children's learning and wellbeing, and will be empowered to work collaboratively with professionals to support this process; the parent:child relationship will be strengthened.
  • Parents will be empowered to realise their potential and achieve as individuals, be aware of support available to them, and well informed in their equal opportunities and rights.

Please contact us at the School if you want to know more.
Lesley J M Benson (Headteacher) and the Staff Team


  • "Staff prepare children well for the next stages in their learning and development and support them to gain good language and communication skills"
  • "Partnerships with parents are strong"

Ofsted (Rainbow - Babies) 2018


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  • "Staff put the individual needs of children at the centre of all they do."

  • "The leadership and management have put in place robust systems to monitor and develop planning, assessment and teaching. Therefore teaching is consistently good and all children make good progress in their learning"

Ofsted (Rainbow) 2014
  • "Teaching is good. Staff have a good understanding of what will enable young children to learn and plan activities that capture children’s interest". 

  • "Children are very well cared for. The school’s work to keep them safe and secure is outstanding". 

  •  "Support for those who are disabled or who have special educational needs is outstanding. Consequently, such children make rapid and sustained improvement". 

  • "Support, teaching and care for children who attend the Additional Resource Provision (ARP) for those with autism are outstanding. Children benefit immensely from being taught by very well-trained staff".

Ofsted (Nursery) 2015

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